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Offering complete range from BR1 to BR7 Bullet Resistance Classification

Personal and community safety is perhaps the single most discerning factor when designing the architecture, specially in high-risk areas such as consulates, banks and institutions. FA Glass provides the industry’s most extensive range of security glass solutions with varying degrees of protection conforming to the world’s leading standards.


For Complete Safety against Bullet Attacks

  • Designed for comprehensive safety against bullet attacks.
  • Can be custom-designed to meet specific safety criteria and architectural glazing requirements.
  • Can be combined with ultra-clear
    reflective and tinted glass options
    to meet aesthetic design criteria.
  • Also available in spall-resistant versions.

European EN1063 BR Levels BR1 to BR7
American UL752 Levels Lev 1 to Lev 5
Thickness Range: 19mm to 77mm


For Complete Safety against Blast Attacks

  • Specially configured to withstand grenade and bomb attacks
  • Glass is designed to hold firmly in the framing system in the event of a blast.
  • Glass is designed to hold firmly in the framing system in the event of a blast.
Minimum Size: 250mm X 350mm
Maximum Size: 2440mm X 3660mm
Glass Thickness Range: 8mm to 15mm


For Complete Safety against Forced Penetration Attacks

  • Laminated with extra-strong and durable interlayers to hold off penetration attacks from hammers, saws and rods
  • In the event of forced attack the glass and interlayer assembly holds strong for a long time, allowing for remedial action

Minimum Size: 250mm X 350mm
Maximum Size: 2600mm X 5000mm
Thickness Range: 9mm to 26mm

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