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Transform your interior spaces with our glass innovations and enjoy safe and maintenance free architecture

Interior spaces are perhaps the most important architectural element of our daily lives, whether at home or office. It decides how we interpret our environment and even affects our moods and perceptions. Studies prove that we spend almost 90% of our times indoors, hence interior architecture plays a hugely important role in our physical and mental well-being. Smartly designed glass interiors create a sense of openness and clarity, with the added functional benefits of being safe, delivering acoustic insulation and providing partial or complete privacy. Our dedicated glass range for interior applications can be customized to create dazzling partitions, wall-claddings, staircases, floorings, railing systems, furniture and almost anything else!


For Floors, Staircases, Partitions, Doors and Furniture

  • An excellent decorative and functional product, it incorporates custom-designed ceramic paints imposed on glass.
  • The high-quality paints are completely UV-resistant and guaranteed
  • Available in over 100 designs and colours.

Minimum Size: 200mm X 300mm
Maximum Size: 2440mm X 5200mm
Thickness Range: 4mm to 25mm


For Wall Paneling, Table-Tops and Furniture

  • Back-painted glass panels that provide vibrant and rich aesthetics.
  • Completely maintenance-free when used as wall paneling with no risk of flaking, peeling or surface damage.
  • Available in an almost unlimited colour range.
Minimum Size: 200mm X 300mm
Maximum Size: 2440mm X 5200mm
Thickness Range: 4mm to 19mm


For Wall Paneling, Corridors, Lobby Area

  • The high strength and safety characteristics of glasshield make it an ideal product for most of the interior glass applications.
  • ANTIQVIEW product line brings the nostalgic feeling of ancient times back to modern life by creating special mirrors. ANTIQVIEW is made with advanced oxidations processes on mirror and a play of abstract colors on a black background. Industrial mirrors loose the unique factor and our ANTIQVIEW product give you that bespoke interior you aim for.
  • ANTIQVIEW is available in thickness of 5mm and different colour shades from tints of grey, copper, gold and others.


For Facades, Curtain Walls, Shopfronts, Railings, etc.

  • Laminated units constructed with polyvinyl butyl (PVB) or DuPont SentryPlus interlayers.
  • Extremely safe glazing material.
  • Available with special acoustic interlayers for excellent sound reduction.


  • A fantastic aesthetically superior option to straight glasses, Curveshield in available in fully tempered, heat-strengthened and heat-soaked forms.
  • Finds its way in an almost unlimited application space offering architects phenomenal flexibility in design and form.
  • Can be combined into laminated units for enhanced safety.


For Partitions, Doors, Windows and Projection Screens

  • These units convert from clear to frosted form at the flick of a switch
  • Eliminates need for curtains and blinds
  • Provides privacy and security with architectural integrity
  • Is available in sizes up to 1524 mm X 3050 mm and thickness from 8mm to 3050mm

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