Striking bronze shimmering glass panels enveloping beautiful architecture

Project: Hyatt Regency
Consultant: Meinhardt Facades
Location: New Delhi, India

Stretch your imagination to the limit and we shall translate it to reality! Our unique designer and specialty glass solutions are purposefully tailored to create wonderful architectural masterpieces

VIVIDVIEW Mesh In-Filled Glass

For Facades, Partitions, Floors and Staircases

  • Versatile product line that can incorporate a variety of mesh types - Sefar Vision fabric mesh, Woven Wire Mesh or Expanded Metal Mesh
  • Its gleaming metallic finish adds an unmistakable touch of class its sooting glow in bright daylight.
  • It imporoves privacy while reducing the impact of direct, harsh sunlight.
  • These unique decorative glass products can be customized to create patterns using various type of materials,


For Facades, Curtain Walls, Shopfronts, Railings, etc.

  • Laminated units constructed with polyvinyl butyl (PVB) or DuPont SentryPlus interlayers.
  • Extremely safe glazing material.
  • Available with special acoustic interlayers for excellent sound reduction.

SPECTROVIEW Colour Laminated Glass

Offers architects & interior designers a dynamic palette to display colour on facades, balconies & countless exterior & interior applications.

  • With its vast range of coloured polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers from Vanceva and Trosifol, SPECTROVIEW helps you showcase your designs in wide spectrum choices.
  • This unique product combines more than 17,000 colour interlayers to produce transparent, transclucent or solid colours that create just the right look and ambience.
  • These panels intelligently control light transimission to ensure that your eyes aren't irritated by the bright sunshine.
  • With its PVB interlayers in laminated glass, the heat stays out while the views remain great.
  • It protects building occupants and pedestrians from accidental glass impact, breakage or fallout.

DIGIVIEW Imagery in Laminated Glass

Increase glamour quotient multifold with addition of high-resolution imagery laminated between two glass of panels.

  • DigiView Advance enables you to achieve greater brand leverage
  • Better suited for finer, intricate designs, DigiView Premium offers continuous tones and smooth colour gradient changes for maximum visual impact. Here, images are reproduced at a level previously thought impossible with unsurpassed depth of colour and detail.
  • The high-resolution imagery is created using state-of-the-art printing technology on interlayer foil that is laminated between glass to form permanent bond.
  • DigiView makes it possible to have life-size glass panels with an unmatched photographic colour range and intensity.

TIMBERVIEW Wood Embedded in Glass

Integrates lattice of wooden frameworks into insulated glass units.

  • TimberView products provide superior heat inslation, possess anti-glare properties, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & are completely maintenance free.
  • It's unique hermetically sealed design seamlessly combines the contemporary elements of glass with the classical charm of wood to produce an outstanding impact.
  • Aesthetic quotient is enhanced further by its functional excellence.
  • Enbale property onwers to reduce energy consumption and facilitate easier compliance with LEED standards.
  • Wooden lattice work iin the insulated glass unit serves to diffuse natural light. Reduces the flow of direct sunlight to interior spaces which in turn limits the glare and incerases visual comfort.

CLAROVIEW High Qualiity Anti-Reflective Glass

Increase glamour quotient multifold with addition of high-resolution imagery laminated between two glass of panels.

  • This sputtering technology ensures the highest quality anti-reflective glass
  • Reduces residual reflection become crystal clear regardless of the ambient light to make a bold style statement that is aesthetically unparalleled
  • Engineered to perfection, ClaroView increases light transimission by 8% allowing the light transmission rate to reach uop to an industry-defining 98%
  • Excellent durability meeting stringent ISO standards. The glass coating not only lasts longer, but is also scratch-resistant making it perfect for high exposure areas


Solera's near perfect Light Diffusing power (LDP) ensures a deep penetration of natural full spectrum light across indoor areas

  • Solera's full spectrum diffused light is known to vastly enhance the visual and psychological environment.
  • Solera has exceptional heat repelling properties have been a key factor in making it the top architectural choice for designing spaces with daylighting.
  • Eliminates the need for blinds which would obstruct natural views and brings down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

MERCK Intelligent Solar Control

Can become tinted automatically or manually at the push of a button. Ideal for wide range of exterior & interior applications

  • EControl is powered by cutting the edge technology that eliminates the need for blinds and external shading systems.
  • Glass panels intelligently control light transimission by varying tint levels to ensure that your eyes aren't irritated by the rays.
  • With its smart tinting technology, it keeps the heat out and making the views look great.
  • EControl pane is connected to control unit via cable a modern interface in the operating device enables automatic and stepless controll using light sensors, with a PC or via a bus system in the building technology.

VISIONCONTROL Glass w/ integrated blind & Louvers

Offers optimum control over the light, heat and sound coming through glass panels

  • Vision Control offers great privacy, hermetically sealed louver mechanism helps to regulate privacy depending on the occupant's requirement.
  • Louvers prevents direct contact with external environment, this eliminates the needs for the maintenance as it remains clean, hygienic and dust-free.
  • Meet longstanding need for fire-rated louvered systems in healthcare and other environment
  • VisionControl glass panels reduce the solar heat gain, which turn help optimize the HVAC Costs

SOLVIEW Photovoltaic Glass

Glass that generates power, SOLVOEW is capanle of generating clean energy at zero cost while providing thermal & acoustic insulation, sun control & daylighting to meet the most stringent environmental standards

  • SOLVIEW mounting system has been designed for easy installations in skylights, carports, atria and sun shelters
  • SOLVIEW insulated glass units function as a standard glazing product and are compatible with all standard profile system
  • Offers special spherically curved laminated PV glass to meet the unique demands in architectural design. It provides high bending radius and be used for large skylights.
  • Available as a complete solution including solar element, railing system, inverters and cabling that uses high-grade mounting set in brushed steel finish

MESHDECOLAM (Mesh Laminated glass)

For Partitions, Doors, Windows and Projection Screens

  • Fabric / Metal mesh is assembled between two or more glass panes and laminated with compatible interlayer film
  • Offers unique aesthetic appeal with greater impact resistance and added security
  • Reduces glare and enhances solar heat gain reduction to function as a perfect shading element
  • Special metallic coating offers effective design possibilities and plays of light

VETROSTONE (Onyx Laminated glass)

For Backlit Panels, Cladding, Lobby areas and Curtain Walls

  • A composite glass bonded to a thin layer of natural stone to create translucent stone panels
  • With VETROSTONE, 100% natural stone becomes magnificiently translucent, creating a palette of colours and variations
  • Lightweight construction that is 1/3rd the weight of dimensional stone with enhanced strength and durability

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