If you are worried about your security while out and about on the roadways here is an extensive guide from GEM Motoring Assist, the leading UK chauffeur based roadway security association.

Plan ahead

– Strategize your path ahead of time and inspect that you have a current plan in the automobile so you will not require to request for instructions.

– if you need to take a trip after at night, inform someone your location, your path and what time you anticipate to show up. Let them understand if your strategies alter.

– take your cellphone – and make certain that the batteries are charged prior to your travel. Bring chargers in any case – your phone might run out of battery.

– Guarantee your automobile is serviced routinely. Examine fuel, oil, coolant-level and tires, specifically prior to long journey. Bring fuel in a safety-approved can.

– sign up with a nationwide breakdown company such as GEM Motoring Assist Breakdown Cover

While driving

– harassment or real attacks are uncommon, however they do take place. Planning can offer you more self-confidence and reduce the threat.

– keep the doors locked and the windows closed as much as possible, specifically in some locations and traffic places or when taking a trip alone.

– keep alert so you understand where you are.

– keep in mind, fatigue eliminates. Take a break on long journeys.

– never ever get drawback hikers.

Individual belongings in your cars and truck

– keep your doors locked.

– NEVER leave belongings, such as purses or cellphones on the guest seat – they
might be ‘taken’.

– do not leave belongings in a parked automobile


– NEVER leave your cars and truck opened, even on a garage when you go to spend for fuel, if possible use an immobiliser.

– select a safe location to park. Park in a well lit location where there are individuals, specifically if you do not mean to go back to your automobile till night.

– if you park in a multi-storey parking area pick an area near the exit and ramp and far from pillars. Reverse into position to offer you a fast escape. If there is one, park close to the attendant

– ensure you understand precisely where you parked so you will not have problem discovering your automobile.

– if you are a lady, put extra shoes, bags and other needs prior to leaving the automobile

– consider what you would do if your bag was taken – keep your secrets, cash and smart phone independently.

– ask a good friend or associate to stroll you to your automobile if you feel hazardous about your environments.

– when you go back to your cars and truck, have your secrets all set and inspect the rear seats (utilize a torch in the evening) prior to you get in. Lock the doors and repel without hold-up.


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