Project Scheduling

As with any business opportunity time equals money in the development of biogas plants.  Long-lead items must be identified at the early stage of the project and well as any regulatory barrier that may delay or derail development.  EC Oregon offers project scheduling at the beginning and through-out the development of a biogas plant.

Project Controls and Execution Plan

Successful implementation of a biogas plant requires a deliberate ‘road map’.  Project controls outline and implement the strategies and procedures for efficient, on-schedule, in-scope and on-budget construction.  An EC Oregon Project Execution Plan defines team member roles and responsibilities, work breakdown structure, critical path and schedule management, cost controls, procurement/contracting plans, risk registry, quality controls and document protocol.

Assembly of Development Team

EC Oregon knows what it takes to complete a successful biogas project.  An appropriate blend of expertise, foresight and determination is critical for planning, design, construction and operation.  Locally and internationally, from vendor evaluation to finance partners to personnel contracting, EC Oregon can secure the required skill sets.

Incentives and Tax Credit Applications

Renewable energy incentives and tax credits require experience and skill to realize completely and in a timely manner.  EC Oregon has realized success in acquiring support from non-government organizations, the state of Oregon, and the USDA.


EC Oregon is capable of handling all aspects of the permitting process.  It is typical that biomass energy projects in general and biogas plants in particular require permits for land use compatibility, construction, storm water management, air discharge, and waste water discharge.

Utility Interconnection

Depending on the region in which a potential project is to be developed and the scale of the project the interconnection process can be relatively simple to exceptionally complex.  EC Oregon can negotiate the interconnection process alone or in conjunction with the owner and/or other interested parties.

Development of Commissioning Plan

The best time to begin planning for the commissioning of the project is at the start.  By extracting the start-up procedure from each individual contractor on the project EC Oregon is able to develop a project specific commissioning plan.  Further, EC Oregon administers the plan to ensure a timely and successful startup.