Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is undertaken to determine and document a potential projects viability.  The results of the study are used to determine if the project should move forward.  If the project is not feasible the document may also include remedial actions which allow the project to become viable.

Feedstock Assessment

A feedstock assessment may be performed as precursor to a feasibility study.  In the case where the potential feedstock does not have a history of being digested in an existing biogas plant a feedstock assessment is prudent.

Financial Modeling

To fully express the opportunity of a biogas plant development a financial model that speaks to all interested parties is crucial.  EC Oregon develops robust and dynamic financial evaluation tools specific to the parameters for each individual project.

Business Plan Development

When the feasibility study and the financial model are complete and provide positive results a business plan is in order.  The business plan is the instrument which describes the business opportunity and provides guidance for the development of the business.

Vendor Evaluation

A vendor evaluation is undertaken to determine the availability of appropriate vendors.  This process includes a request for information, request for proposal, along with technical and financial evaluation of the results.  Upon choosing a vendor contract negotiation is performed under the client’s direction.

Valuation of Environmental Credits

Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) and Carbon Credits can provide substantial revenue to a biogas plant or other biomass energy projects.  EC Oregon can provide clear direction in evaluating these new and emerging opportunities as well as negotiating the sales of the environmental credits.